Cube Tank

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Model Numbers & Dimensions

Model NumberLength(mm)With(mm)Height(mm)Tare WeightSafe Fill Level
T1110018641254766 kg1000 litres
T2.52274167412541185 kg2500 litres
T4.52274227412541678 kg4500 litres
T63574227412542036 kg6000 litres
T106058243812954443 kg9550 litres

Note: the size designations are in fact the safe fill levels and not "gross" levels.

Kube Specifications

All Kubes are baffled internally to reduce product movement should the unit be moved with contents.The complete range of Kubes are fully compliant with ADG for the transport C1 Diesel.

The tanks are constructed in a very similar fashion as the larger ISO standard tanks.All Kubes have been enhanced to include:

arrps All atainless steel fasteners.

arrps Triple process to C5 industrial standard.

arrps Additional forklift pockets for improved transport capabilities.

arrps All Kubes up to 4500 litres are certified to be lifted full of product form either the four top lift points or the forklift pockets.The 6000 litre Kube has been certified to lift full from the forklift pockets only.

arrps The internal tank is not removable.

arrps The internal of the Kube is coated in vegetable oil for corrosion resistance.

arrps All Kubes are bothe air tested and hydro tested prior to factory acceptance.

arrps The Kube has a large opening within the manway area for pump lacation and hose and nozzle storage etc, capacity of storage locker is 85 Litres and is lockable.

arrps The Kubes are designed so they can be stacked three high empty for shipping.

arrps Multiple forklift pockets ensure ease of access and manoeuvrability, as well as lifting eyes to each corner.

arrps Colour standard is white. However can be painted in colours to suit based on volume.

arrps Can be used for storage of a range of product including diesel, motor spirits as well as lubricants and waste products.